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MINOM 2024 - Catania, Sicilia, IT - 22-23/02/2024

MINOM invites a new broad reflection on the social function of museums, and all transforming practices rooted in a debate about the past, for the present.


The objective of this MINOM 2024 Conference is to explore the possibilities of existence and the margins of action for such practices, engaged with collective memory and territorial heritage, in response to different critical conditions, according to different contexts.

Therefore, MINOM calls for discussion on how to react to ongoing social and ecological challenges through practices that aim to feed emancipatory, transformative, decolonizing processes, building alliances, interrelationships and networks between disciplines and practices, as well as between territories.

It is important to emphasize that the meeting is promoted aiming at the plurality of people and ideas, and, therefore, all information is always available in English, Italian, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

There are several ways to participate:

  • Call for abstracts for oral or poster presentations - until 10/15/2023 using the form for presentations.
  • Participation in the conference without presenting a scientific contribution - until 11/30/2023 using the form for participation.
  • Social museology workshops with groups and movements - to be held in the days prior to the conference, February 20th and 21st, with availability of the Italian ecomuseums to receive participants, registration until 10/15/2023 using the form for workshops.

To enable your participation, you can also apply for Solidarity Scholarships. 10 young researchers and activists will be awarded a contribution from ICOM International to participate in the conference, up to a maximum limit of 1,500 euros, with a main focus on Latin America, African countries and other southern contexts, not excluding other possibilities.

For information, please see the full document.

Scientific committee:

  • Aida Rechena (MINOM Portugal / National Museum of Resistance and Freedom - Peniche Fortress)
  • Federica Santagati (University of Catania)
  • Giusy Pappalardo (University of Catania)
  • Manuelina Duarte (University of Liège / Federal University of Goiás / Lusófona University)
  • Mario Chagas(MINOM International, Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Mário Moutinho (MINOM International, Lusófona University)

Rethinking museologies as transformative trans-disciplinary alliances for more just societies

All information is available in detail in English, Italian, Portuguese, French and Spanish, here.

For specific information, contact:


Ripensare le museologie in chiave trasformativa: alleanze transdisciplinari per società più giuste

Tutte le informazioni sono disponibili in dettaglio in inglese, italiano, portoghese, francese e spagnolo qui.

Per informazioni specifiche contattare:


Repensando as museologias para a mudança: alianças transdisciplinares para sociedades mais justas

Toda informação está disponível em detalhes em inglês, italiano, português, francês e castelhano, aqui.

Para informações específicas, contacte:


Repenser les muséologies comme des alliances transdisciplinaires transformatrices pour des sociétés plus justes

Toutes les informations sont disponibles en détail en anglais, italien, portugais, français et espagnol, ici.

Pour des informations spécifiques, contactez:


Repensar las museologías como alianzas trans-disciplinarias transformadoras para sociedades justas

Toda la información está disponible en detalle en inglés, italiano, portugués, francés y castellano, aquí.

Para obtener información específica, comunica con: