Research projects

Ongoing R&D projects (5)

(2024-2026) HIGHRES- Helping IntanGible Heritage REsilience through Storytelling (Research)

Funding source: Erasmus+ KA220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in adult education Project Nº 2023-1-LV01-KA220-ADU-000160743
Budget: 250 000,00€
https://   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(2023-2026) AGRRIN- Generative bodies: from aggression to the insurgency. Contributions to a decolonial pedagogy (Project coordination)

Founding source: FCT - R&D projects in all scientific domains
Budget: 199 000,00€

(2023-2024) CARIM- Contemporary art - a tool for an inclusive and regenerated museology (Project coordination)

Founding source:: FCT 2022.04615.PTDC FCT - R&D projects in all scientific domains
Budget: 49 000,00€

(2023-2024) INOMPOR- The social role of innovation in Portuguese museums (Project coordination)

Founding source: ILIND/Seed Projects ID-ILIND: UIDB-04114-2020
Budget:4 900,00€

(2019-2026) EDUCCD- Education, Citizenship and Cultural Diversity: Theory and practice of Sociomuseology (2019-2025) (Project coordination)

Founding source: FCT - Scientific Employment Stimulus, Principal researcher
Budget: 308 000,00

R&D Projects Completed (2019-2023) (9)

(2020-2023) ECOHERITAGE- Ecomuseums as a collaborative approach to recognition, management and protection of cultural and natural heritage UE (Research)

Founding source: 2020-1-ES01-KA204-082769, (Erasmus+ Programme)
Budget: 372.000,00

(2023) EDURIC Castelo de Vide Typhlology Museum: Educational Resources for Inclusion and Citizenship  (Project coordination)

Founding source: IBERMUSEUS 12th Ibermuseus Education Award
Budget: 3.500€ 

(2021) MUSDIS Art and the Museologic Disposite. Inclusive Communication (Project coordination)

Founding source: ILIND/Seed Projects ID-ILIND
Budget: 15.000,00€ (ILIND)
Criar link Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx tem relatório Pdf  Marta Jecu

(2018-2019 Renova Museu: revitalization of a museum through educational actions  (Project coordination)

Founding source: IBERMUSEUS 9th Ibermuseus Education
Budget: $ 10.000,00

(2018-2022) COSMUS Community School Museums (Trainning activity)

Founding source: 2018-1-PT01-KA201-047472 (Horizon)
Budget: without funding allocated

(2018-2019) Projeto Piloto: Educação Patrimonial (Research)

Founding source: Inspecção Geral da Educação e Ciência, Ministério da Educação Departamento de Museoloia da UL
Budjet: 6 500€  

(2021) Pilot Survey on the UNESCO ASPnet Schools in European Union: Teaching and learning with living heritage (Project coordination)

Founding source: UNESCO
Budget11.650 €

(2020-21) INTEDU The place of Intangible Cultural Heritage in educational processes  (Project Coordination)

Founding source: Projeto semente CeiED/ULHT(Exploratory Projects
Budget: 5 000,00€

(2014 –2020) ÁGORA Encounters between the city and arts: exploring new urbanities (Research)

Founding source: FCT [PTDC/ATP-GEO/3208/2014]
Budget: 154.949,00€


R&D International projects under evaluation (2)

(2024) MAP Memories and Artistic Performances in Transit: Monuments, Public Spaces and Decolonization

Project Coordination: Universidad de Alcala 
Call: CREA-CULT-2023-COOP  European Cooperation projects
Universita degli Studi di Catania, Universidad de Alcala, Universite Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle, Stichting Vu Nl, Departement Seine-Saint-Denis.

(2023) Formação de professores e o currículo da escola básica para a inclusão social

Project Coordination: Universidade Federal da Bahia UFBA
Call: ABDIASNASC Desenvolvimento Acadêmico Abdias Nascimento - Edital n. 16/2023
Universidade Estadual de Campinas UNICAMP, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco UFPE, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria UFSM, Universidade de Luanda

R&D International projects submitted without approval (5)

(2023) CultureInn - Developing a Culture of Innovation within European Museums

Project Coordination: CeiED, Dept. Museology 
Würzburg University, Germany; Rotterdam School of Management - Erasmus University, Netherlands; Humak University of Applied Sciences, Finland; Museum Booster, Austria; Mapa das Ideias, Portugal ; EVE Museos e Innovación, Spain; Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales, Spain; Parque de las Ciencias, Spain; MINOM-ICOM, Portugal; Museumsmanagement Niederösterreich, Austria;Culture Action Europe, Belgium

(2021) Floga Kiá – Performing arts and music in Cape Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe

Project Coordination: Universidade de Évora 
Call: Programa Procultura- Instituto Camões
Ministério da Educação e Ensino Superior em S. Tomé e Príncipe, Universidade de S. Tomé e Príncipe, Universidade Lusófona de Cabo Verde. Instituto Superior de Ciências Econômicas e Empresariais, Sphaera Mundi - Associação De Desenvolvimento, Cultura e Artes, Lusófona University, CeiED, Dept. Museology

(2020) ConCuRe Constructing Cultural  Resilience: Heritage Practices as Sites of Feeling, Healing and Organising

Project Coordination: Middlesex University (UK) 
Call: JPICH – Cultural Heritage, Identities & Perspectives: Responding to Changing Societies
Leiden University (Be), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Gr), Sound and Vision NL, Reinwardt Academy NL, Black Heritage Tours NL, EUROPEANA Foundation NL

(2019) Emotion Networkings as a Participatory Approach with Towns and Citizens’ Heritage (ENPATCH)

Project Coordination: Reinwardt Akademie, Amsterdam 
Call: Europe for citizens. Strand2: Democratic engagement and civic participation
Omilos Istorikou Dialogou Kai Epeunas -Nicosia, Antwerpen Kunstenstad -Antwerpen, Stichting Imagine Identity And Culture -Amsterdam, Municipality Of Ohrid- North Macedonia, Lusófona University, CeiED, Dept. Museology

(2018) Emotion Networking as a Process of Inclusive Remembrance of Empire (ENPIRE)

Project Coordination: Reinwardt Akademie, Amsterdam
Call: Europe for citizens. Strand1: European Remembrance
Faro Vlaams Steunpunt Voor Cultureel Erfgoed Vzw – Brussels, Stichting Imagine Identity and Culture . Amsterdam, Lusófona University, CeiED, Dept. Museology

Older R&D completed projects (2)

(2008-2010) CCC Celebration of Coastal Culture 

Project Coordination: TERCUD/Dep Museology
Founding source:  EEA Grants EEA Financial Mechanism, C M Sines
Budget: 418 821,00€

(2002-2004) MPP The Museum's Public in  Portugal: characterization and motivations  (Coordination)

Project Coordination: TERCUD/Dep Museology
Founding Source: FCT Sapiens Projecto nº 33546. 2002-2004
Budget 16 000,00€