Experimental Lab for Education, Space and Memories

Laboratório Experimental de Educação, Espaço e Memória (L3EM)
Experimental Lab for Education, Space and Memories

In January 2018 the two existing labs are merged into a new experimental lab. The fusion of respective programmes, based on mutual benefit and overall reciprocity open new perspectives to develop innovative scientific understanding and approaches.

L3EM aims to foster innovation in the cross of the disciplines of Education, Urban Planning and Development and Museology – in particular in their fields of non-formal education and training, use and appropriation of the urban fabric and socio-museology and construction of heritage. The fertilization between these disciplines will create synergies and new opportunities for interdisciplinary research, extended beyond of the fields of each discipline. In this amalgamation of disciplinary knowhow and in the search to advance new knowledge the digital technologies provide the base, as they are challenging the society. In this context technologies for enhancing experiences and engaging citizens are at the core of the actions.

L3EM will benefit of the Unesco Chair (Cathedra) that covers the fields of education, citizenship and cultural diversity.

L3EM opens a forum for discussion and reflection on creating new methodologies for research and towards the reciprocity in the exchange of knowledge with the community, both with a clear cut interdisciplinary character towards promoting positive societal changes.


The priority areas of interdisciplinary action are:

  • Sociomseology
  • Territorial Education, Patrimonial Education / territorial and cultural empowerment
  • World-in-cities/Multiculturality; Educating City; Smart city
  • Memories and Narratives
  • Lusotopia – the above aspects related in particular to the Portuguese speaking countries/communties.


Exhibition design innovation in educational context | Escolas Secundárias  Amora, Oeiras, Cuba  (2015-2019)

Exposição Unspoken Dialogues - Post-Screen Festival | Fundação Millennium bcp (2017)

Exposição "Muitas vidas numa só" | Museu do Aljube (2018)

Exposição comemorativa dos "20 anos da CPLP" | CPLP-Lisboa (2017)

Exposição 90 Anos do IPO de Lisboa ! IPO (2014)

Exposição Baixa em Tempo Real Fundação | Millennium bcp & Museu da República Rio de Janeiro (2013)

Exposição Kiebé-Kiebé | Museu Afro Brasileiro Salvador (2013)

Exposição online História da Língua Portuguesa

Exposição online 30 anos de caos urbanístico

Matança das Cagarras- Ilheu raso Cabo Verde (Biosfera I)